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Side Events

October 10th: the day of Unmanned Spectacle at Hans Christian Andersen Airport

Live Outdoor Demonstrations

On October 10th, you can experience spectacular live aerial demonstrations of drones and other unmanned systems during the TUS Nordics Demo Day at Hans Christian Andersen Airport.

During this unique event, several state-of-the-art unmanned rotorcrafts, hybrids and fixed wing aircraft, as well as detect and avoid systems will be on display and will be flying tempting manoeuvres.

Outside you can experience all kind of uav’s, autonomous vehicles and more unmanned systems moving around, inside you can take a seat in the Unmanned Theater and experience the live video feed of each demonstration supported by a presentation of the demonstrating company, explaining everything you should know about the ongoing mission.

Please contact if your company would like to participate in the live demonstration at Hans Christian Andersen Airport.

More information about Demo Day will be published later on.




Let TUS Nordics be your business matchmaker.

Half of all new connections at an event are not between an exhibitor and visitor, but between two visitors. TUS Nordics Business-to-Business Matchmaking sessions help connect you with potential partners, instead of leaving you guessing.

Matchmaking Zone – by RBM and European Enterprise Network (EEN)

The primary objective of RBM and EEN is to connect people in the robotics industry and this is just one of the many ways we can help you do that.

As part of the TUS Nordics experience, you will have full access to the online meeting service that has been made freely available for all visitors to use to arrange meetings at the event. The online tool will be available soon. If you would like to pre register, please send an email to