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 Rene Forsberg
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Can you tell us something about DTU Space?

‘DTU Space is the National Space Institute of Denmark. DTU has a close cooperation with European Space Agency, and carries out numerous airborne campaigns in polar regions for satellite validation, close coordinated with NASA. Rene Forsberg is also the lead of the ESA Greenland Ice Sheet Climate Change Initiative, a major project involving ten Danish and international partners to make available long term satellite records of Greenland ice sheet changes. DTU Space have done airborne geophysical and lidar surveys on all continents, and started first drone experiments in Greenland 2013.’

What are your biggest technological challenges at the moment?

‘Reliability and cost performance of medium range drones. Development of minaturized sensors across a broad suite of EO and geophysical applications.’

What do you hope people will learn from your presentation at TUS Nordics?

‘Get a feeling for the challenging environment for polar operations.’

What presentation do you hope to give in 5 years?

‘Report of successful BLVOS monitoring and mapping in the Arctic and Antarctica.’