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Can you tell us something about Scopito?

‘We have 4 “Awesomeness Days” every year where we build crazy stuff like a remote controlled electric gocart or just relax with BBQ & cold drinks. Past colleagues & interns still attend our Awesomess Days.’

What are your biggest technological challenges at the moment?

‘There are many impressive show cases of automated drone inspections and data analysis. However, there can be a long way from awesome features to actual products that work in client environments. I think the biggest challenge is making solutions that are easy to use, have lean scalable workflows and integrate well with products that organizations already use.’

What do you hope people will learn from your presentation at TUS Nordics?

‘People should attend because they want to learn from the experiences of other drone operators and asset owners that use drones for visual inspections today. We are blessed with several clients that want to share their workflows, tools and data so we can all get better. It will be an informal presentation where we go through a couple of customers cases from capturing the data effectively, how to analyze the data, showing examples of critical faults and how to deliver the data to customers. Let me know on the day and we will focus on the areas you find interesting. We can show cases of visual inspections of power lines, thermal inspections, wind turbines, buildings, etc.’

What presentation do you hope to give in 5 years?

‘I hope to give a presentation of how drones have saved X number of lives.’