Anders la Cour-Harbo of Aalborg University

//Anders la Cour-Harbo of Aalborg University
Anders la Cour-Harbo of Aalborg University 2017-10-05T14:48:57+00:00
Anders la Cour-Harbo
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Can you tell us something about Aalborg University?

‘Drone Research Lab at Aalborg University has worked with drones for 15+ years, and is currently engaged in several research programs on development of risk assessment and robust operations of drone platforms.’

What are your biggest technological challenges at the moment?

‘BVLOS operations cannot currently be conducted routinely for both legal and procedural reasons. Opening the airspace for such flights is a major challenge.’

What do you hope people will learn from your presentation at TUS Nordics?

‘The concept of assessing the risk of a drone flight is important and not particularly simple. This talk will give a short introduction to some fundamental methods for quantifying the risk of specific drone operations.’