Aleksandrs Timofejevs of SKYF

//Aleksandrs Timofejevs of SKYF
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Aleksandrs Timofejevs
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Can you tell us something about SKYF?

‘We develop and produce SKYF Unmanned Aerial Carrier (UAC) – an UAS in the new class of commercial drones with over 250 kilos payload. SKYF carrying capacity is up to 250kg, its flight range is up to 350km (with payload of 50kg) and its flight duration is up to 8 hours (with payload of 50kg). SKYF based vehicles may serve very different commercial purposes including logistics, crop dusting, firefighting, fish search to name a few. Right now, company develops SKYF AGRO, SKYF CARGO, SKYF FOREST and SKYF MARINE modifications and open for cooperation with third party developers who want to use SKYF concept to build their own UAS.’

What are your biggest technological challenges at the moment?

‘The currently available drones have very limited commercial capabilities, mainly they’re limited to aerial photography, filming and scanning with some initial presence in crop dusting and delivery. That’s the tiny portion of what traditional commercial aviation does.’

What do you hope people will learn from your presentation at TUS Nordics?

‘Now during aerial search of fish schools optical/laser detection is used. This means of fish detection has two main drawbacks. First, it scans only the sea surface up to 16 meters depth, while fish might be at several km depth. Second, a plane for air fish detection can be arranged time to time, not on the demand of a particular ship.

SKYF with sonar onboard can solve these problems. While flying ahead of a trawler SKYF can submerge ship type, industrial scale sonar using long cable and detect schools of fish at regular for a trawler depth. No other VTOL can do that because industrial sonars weight more than 20 kg. SKYF can be placed on the pad that is mounted on the trawler. So one of the crew members can operate SKYF as they are planning another catch.
That’s only one maritime application of SKYF among others. ’

What presentation do you hope to give in 5 years?

‘We will talk about 1B Euro company with hundreds of SKYFs sold worldwide.’