Exhibiting at TUS Nordics 2017: Scopito

//Exhibiting at TUS Nordics 2017: Scopito
  • Scopito

In the run-up to our exhibition at TUS Nordics 2017 in Denmark, we are making more and more exhibitors known. Today we’re kicking off with Scopito, a former drone inspection company that transformed into a software developer. Scopito is a cloud-based platform designed to store, analyze and share large amounts of image-based inspection data. Søren Døssing Jensen, responsible for Communication & Marketing, tells us more.

Can you tell us something about Scopito?

‘We created our data inspection cloud software, Scopito, when we were a drone inspection company, because we became aware that no system existed that made it feasible to handle the data from our inspections. We could – without problems – deliver a couple of thousand images from a small inspection to the customer on a USB stick – but using Windows Picture Viewer and clicking through all this data was very time consuming for the customers to do. And so, we got the vision to develop intelligent cloud software that could properly do this. And our company took on a new direction.’



What is Scopito going to show at TUS Nordics 2017?

‘We (of course) created Scopito because we saw a gap in the inspection market – and we would like to express to people the benefits we see in our software, in a way that can’t be fully expressed via a text on a website. Furthermore, we are going to bring case material about our collaboration with the companies Funtek and Powel, where 130 masts were inspected in one day, which is a significant improvement compared to the 20 a day that is common in Denmark.’

Which people would you like to meet at the Exhibition?

‘We are looking forward to talking to drone inspectors, inspectors in general, utility companies and infrastructure companies, obtaining an even better understanding of their needs, and discussing the benefits of Scopito for specifically their company. Furthermore we want to meet potential business partners that can join us in upscaling Scopito both when it comes to branch specific algorithms, and in general.’