Exhibiting at TUS Nordics 2017: InnoDrone

//Exhibiting at TUS Nordics 2017: InnoDrone
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Innodrone is the one-point entry for knowledge of drone projects, competencies and development of drone technology in Denmark. Together with The Innovation Network RoboCluster they will be present at TUS Nordics 2017. Sibel Sarac Isikli-Kristiansen,
Communicator, describes where the project of InnoDrone consists of.

Can you tell us something about InnoDrone?

‘InnoDrone is an innovation project led by The Innovation Network RoboCluster. The project InnoDrone aims to increase the use of drones in the Danish industry. InnoDrone supports the Danish Drone Strategy through concrete actions and development of knowledge collaborations. The project has its main focus on the use of drones and dronetechology in the following five fields: Construction, agriculture, production, offshore/energy and environment.

InnoDrone’s goal is to connect the manufacturers, the developers and the end-users of drones with the aim of testing and demonstrating drones and dronetechnology to a broad range of companies, end-users and public parties.
The project participants in InnoDrone are from Innovation Networks, Advanced Technology Groups and Universities.

The project innoDrone is among other parties financially supported by the The Danish Agency for Institutions and Educational Grants. The duration of this project is from January 1st, 2017 – 31st December, 2018. ‘

What is InnoDrone going to show at TUS Nordics 2017?

‘Drop by the InnoDrone exhibition stand, where you will get the opportunity to meet all the project participants. If your company has knowledge or an excellent idea for using drones in one the five fields mentioned above, but is missing some expertise before being able to proceed, then this is the right spot for your company. Here you will get the chance to talk with people that have the knowledge and can help your company connect with the right partners in order to achieve your goal.’

Which people would you like to meet at the Exhibition?

‘The InnoDrone team aims to meet everyone who desires the use of drones in one of the five fields mentioned above. If your company is interested in hearing about this innovation project, and how our team can help you connect with the partners and form a “knowledge collaboration” then come and visit the InnoDrone exibition stand.’