Exhibiting at TUS Nordics 2017: Aquatic Drones

//Exhibiting at TUS Nordics 2017: Aquatic Drones
  • Aquatic Drones

Aquatic Drones offers drones for intelligent and sustainable inspections of inland waters, harbours and seas. They will be present at our Exhibition, but also in our Maritime Applications track at the Conference. Maarten Ruyssenaers, Founder and CEO, tells us more about Aquatic Drones.

Can you tell us something about Aquatic Drones?

‘The current available maintenance options are expensive and do not provide the level of insight required, while the need for data grows exponentially. Using drone technology opens the way to cheaper solutions for securing higher quality data. Aquatic drones are smart and clean boats equipped with multiple sensors for data gathering on the water surface and underwater. Operational use for autonomous data collection and monitoring of waterways and harbours have been showcased for the Port of Rotterdam and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. This includes automatic data analysis and interpretation. Affordable, clean and secure more data and insight for port, water (way) and sea administrators. More Application areas are: (1) inspection of dykes, locks, bridges and dams; (2) water quality measurements (3) surveillance and monitoring; (4) fish population counts; (5) inspection of wind turbines on sea.’

What is Aquatic Drones going to show at TUS Nordics 2017?

‘We will be showing a movie about the operation of the aquatic drone and will be answering questions and give more detailled information.’

Which people would you like to meet at the Exhibition?

‘Water(way), harbour and sea autorities / administrators, offshore wind park companies and coast gards. ‘